Atrocity against Jamia students is hard to watch. Students on the campus were beaten brutally, including those who were not even involved in the protest. Female students were dragged, beaten, harassed & abused. Tear gas bombs were exploded inside the library, hostels, great loss of property was done including the Mosque inside the campus.

Police defense claimed that they had used minimum force and excluded weapons against students.

Well, whatever police used was enough to make them bleed, students were thrashed to the point of hospitalization. Around 250 students were referred to the hospital after having serious injuries.


The Constitution of India gives its people the Right to Protest and demonstrate their sentiments peacefully which was being done by students of Jamia Mili Islamia against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), amid which Delhi police forcefully entered Jamia campus while chasing students in Delhi on Sunday.
It has been suspected that community goons have mixed themselves with police and unleashed brutal violence, which is one of the controversies flowing around social media.

Police claimed that students started pelting stones on them and to manipulate the situation they took the action, opened “laathicharge” on students, fired them with rubber bullets, abused them and passed discriminatory religious remarks. Many students were seen leaving Jamia University premises due to tension surrounding it, while the world is focused more on realistic topics like climate change, economy, education, etc.
INDIA, on the other hand, is entrapped into religion, riots, disarray & crimes.

Inside Jamia Campus Library

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