Burning India: Is this the nation of Gandhi’s dream?

The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace

– Mahatma Gandhi


I guess you are aware of the current situation in Delhi. If not, here’s a little introduction. So back in December 2019, the government passed a bill known as Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and after a bill gets passed it becomes an act. So the CAB became CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). And that was the point from where all the havoc started. In this blog, we won’t talk about the rights and wrongs of the CAA, NRC, NPR. Instead, here we are gonna talk about something rather more important than any of these acts and laws.

So after that bill got passed, a lot of people came in its favor and a lot of people were against it. People who were against it started protesting and asked the government to withdraw it. The government, on the other hand, stood its ground and refused to take it back. Protests got bigger with time and reached the point where it started affecting those who were in favor. And that’s how just an act divided this great nation into two groups (in favor group and against group). Now, these groups have started fighting with each other and are literally killing and burning each other.


The government is blaming the opposition and the opposition is blaming the government. This is not the first time that the ruling party and opposition are blaming each other. This is actually a pattern and every time something goes wrong they come up with this pattern. Let’s assume that neither the government nor the opposition is behind spreading the fire among people. Though in the past few days we have seen many leaders delivering hate speeches openly in front of media. I don’t know how they gather the courage to do so but let’s even ignore those hate speeches also. But still, this fact can’t be denied that it all started after the bill passed. So, we can say that the root cause behind the whole fire is ‘CAA’.


All those who delivered hate speeches, played the blame game or said nothing at all. So this list includes leaders from the government and opposition, media persons, Delhi police, etc.


According to the latest reports, at least 42 have been reported dead in Delhi due to the violence and the death toll is still rising. All those who died were neither from the ruling party nor the opposition, they were commoners! Some areas in North-East Delhi and UP are under section 144 (curfew). Education is getting affected, markets have been closed for weeks, the internet is banned and so on. Whenever such situations arise, only the poor and middle-class people go through the hardships. There are millions of people in Delhi who are totally dependent on the government for food and water. Can you imagine what they must be going through?

Warning: The following images may be disturbing to some readers.


It is quite simple but it needs a little sacrifice. The government needs to give up the ego, be more flexible and listen to what people want to say. The solution to any conflict can be found through the dialogue. The leaders of all the parties in this whole nation need to understand that their ideology should always be “Nation and its people over everything else” and not “Party first”. The opposition’s responsibility is to understand that not every issue is an opportunity to throw off the government. Work in the favor of the nation and people will elect you. Our responsibility is to discourage the hatred spreading elements and do the fact-checking before believing any news.


The government needs to understand that its an organization elected by the people and for the people. So, it’s their duty to listen to the people. The government should invite the leaders from the opposition, the protesting leaders and leaders of student politics and organize an open discussion so that no community feels cornered.

What are your thoughts? Please tell me in the comments.

सभी का ख़ून है शामिल यहाँ की मिट्टी में किसी के बाप का हिन्दोस्तान थोड़ी है

– Dr. Rahat Indori

8 thoughts on “Burning India: Is this the nation of Gandhi’s dream?

  1. Bhai tune kitne acche trike s rkha h cheezo ko bjp k liye Kai guna accha speaker bn skta h sambid Patra se 😅 har pehlu ko rkta h ,lekin mjhe lgta h in politician m moral values ki bhut kmi h varna y naubat hi ni aati inko wapis schooling krwai Jaye aur kuch naye pde likhe leaders ko aage Ana pdega,wrna Bhai is tarah ki hinsa ko Janam Dene ke baad kisi ka bhi hridya (heart) kaap jata lekin y log TB bhi bhdkau bhasan diye ja rhe h ek doosre ko blame kr rhe he solution chahte hi ni h .politics bhi do Kodi ki krte h ki log turant smaj jate h ki kitne bde gawar h ye log isse achha to sarkar Raj(movie)hii dekh le usi se kuch rajneeti ke gun Sikh jayenge ..

    Aur bhai doosre ka point of view kaise smjenge ye log jb Inka ki khud ka point of view clear nhi h .

    1. Thank you bhai. Problem bas itni si hai ki yeh saare politicians “party first” ideology ko maante.. jis din yeh party se upar desh ko rakhna seekh jayenge uss din bohot saare issues solve ho jayenge. Mujhe lagta hai ek aisi party ki zaroorat hai jo sabse zyada priority desh aur uske logo ko de, fir baad mein party.

  2. Bat sahi hai jo bhi jesa bhi hai pr ye bolker ki desh ki help kr rhe or yahi ki property ko distroy kr rhe ..ye to galat hi hai bhle kisi bhi party ka ho

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